We offer educational programs for colleges, universities, student groups, congregations, and other religious organizations. They are designed to foster increased understanding between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, to reduce misconceptions, and to promote mutual respect and appreciation. Each program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning through personal encounters and open exchange between all participants. The guiding principle is to encounter the religious ‘other’ in a spirit of hospitality with both honesty and intellectual humility.


College Courses

We offer college courses on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as interrelated religious traditions. Courses are designed to introduce students from diverse academic disciplines as well as cultural and religious backgrounds to an analysis of the complex interrelatedness of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The courses present Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as living traditions whose historical origins, current interactions, and future development will continue to shape the spiritual, cultural, political, and economic aspects of human civilization in the 21st century.

Dr. Reinhard Krauss, our Executive Director, has extensive experience in teaching these courses in diverse academic settings, including at UCLA, Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School, and the New Theological Seminary of the West.

For more information or to discuss hosting a course at your institution, contact us here.

Sample Course Description

The course is designed to introduce students from diverse academic disciplines as well as cultural and religious backgrounds to an analysis of the complex interrelatedness of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Trialogue Panel Discussions

One of our key educational offerings are Trialogue panel discussions with leading scholars and recognized leaders of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These forums provide an in-depth exploration of a topic of common concern to the three religious traditions. For more information or to schedule a Trialogue, contact us here.

Film Screenings with Discussion

Film is an excellent medium to introduce historical and contemporary encounters between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in a compelling and thought-provoking way. Our carefully curated selection of documentaries will engage the audience and provide food for thought for the facilitated group discussion following the screening. For more details or to schedule a screening, contact us here.

The Sultan and the Saint

Film Screening of the docudrama The Sultan and the Saint, followed by a discussion. Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 7:00 p.m. at St. John Fisher Catholic Church in Rancho Palos Verdes. Free Admission • All are welcome!

Study Groups

Joint study in a diverse group setting is one of the most effective ways of exploring new facts and ideas, build relationships, and grapple with multiple perspectives in order to develop a well-informed view on a given topic. We offer facilitated group studies for student groups, congregations, and other organizations. They vary in length from a single session to multi-week series. Depending on the participants, the content can have a scriptural or a topical focus. In addition to the following topics, we are happy to develop a custom designed study session or course for your particular group.

  • Abraham in the Bible and in the Quran: Similarities, Differences, and Lessons for Today
  • Religious Conflict: Roots and Remedies (Case Studies of the Crusades and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)
  • Inter-religious Bridgebuilders (Case Studies of Inter-religious Education Projects and Daniel Barenboim’s West-East Divan Orchestra)
  • Towards Interfaith Hospitality: Proposals for Constructive Mutual Engagement between Jews, Christians, and Muslims

For more details or to discuss hosting a study session or course, contact us here.

Annual Student Essay Competition

To encourage and promote student research, we conduct an Annual Student Essay Competition. Winning essays will be published on this website.

CHECK BACK SOON for program details, including submission deadlines.

Facilitation of Congregational Interfaith Partnerships

Being located in close physical proximity to a community of a different religious tradition does not automatically translate into a healthy relationship, let alone mutual respect and appreciation. Getting to know the religious ‘stranger’ can seem like a daunting challenge. At the same time, many people would genuinely like to learn more about their Jewish, Christian, or Muslim neighbors. The Academy offers contextually tailored facilitation programs for congregations to meet, listen to, and build relationships with people of another religious tradition. For more information contact us here.

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